7:36 PM

I just can't resist my son to keep playing the movie Happy Feet. We play it in the morning upon he wakes up, in the afternoon if he can't sleep and in the evening before he sleeps. Upon playing the movie, he would rush to the bed and lay down and position himself comfortably.

Since we've been playing the movie many times I have observed my son really enjoys the movie embedded below :) . It's Roman dubbed by Robin Williams scene when he sang the My Way in Spanish, it was supposedly Mumble (Elijah Wood) to serenade Gloria (Britanny Murphy). I noticed my son's laughed when Gloria found out that Roman was the one singing and told her, "I know size can be daunting...I love you"

Yo sé, se terminó
Nuestro amor

Mis amigos, les declaré
Les diré
Que estoy seguro

Qué es un hombre
Sin nada más
Si non un Señor
Con lágrimas

Debe decir
(debe decir)
Debe gritar
(debe gritar)
Debe sentir
(debe sentir)
En la verdad
(en la verdad)

Luché, gané
Lo hice My Waaaay!