9:36 PM

Here are the the following candidates for Mayor in Cotabato City.

Mayor: Datu Bimbo Q. Sinsuat
Vice-Mayor : Datu Muslimin "Mus" Sema (incumbent Mayor)

Mayor: Guiapal "Jojo" Guiani (incumbent vice mayor)
Vice Mayor: Linda U. Ampatuan (incumbent Councilor)

Mayor: Bai Sendig Dilangalen (wife of Cong. Didagen "Digs" Dilangalen)
Vice Mayor: Atty. Anwar Malang (incumbent Councilor)

Our hopes for the development of this city will depend from these candidates. May we have a peaceful and orderly election this May 10 be it automated or manual in case PCOS machines would not function as expected.

Vote wisely.