7:26 AM

A week ago, I speculated from my post Miley Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed Video And Lyrics that she will be next Britney or Lindsay Lohan. With this latest Miley Cyrus lap dance video I think my speculation might turn out true.

What happen to the adorable Miley Cyrus of Walt Disney tv series Hannah Montana? Well, you can't expect a young star to be forever young star right? Since Miley Cyrus lap dance video is already out, I guess it's time for us to look at her maturity not just being a cute little girl in a tv series right.

The guy who's Miley dancing with is her producer Andy Shakman who's age is about 44 years while Miley is just 16. The video was caught during their party for the movie The Last Song. 

I think this Miley Cyrus lap dance video really rocks though. To all Miley Cyrus's fans, you need to start looking for new Miley Cyrus.