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Lunch time, I went to our shopping (s) mall to meet my wife and take our lunch. Since we haven't decided where to have our lunch, we dropped by to Goldilocks to buy for pastry that we can eat when I got home after office.

While looking for pastries, we were surprised with the little creature crawling over the Brazo de Mercedez. I immediately took pictures so that I can post it here at my blog and share it to all net surfers.

After taking pictures, I called the attention of the cart crew so he can remove the said creature inside their shelves.

Eeewww.. What the!

By the way, we still bought pastry from the outlet but not the one crawled by the insect. :)



Thanks for sharing this, ian. I used to frequent that bakeshop. I hope the management of the store will take precautionary measures to avoid a repeat of that.

ark said...

Un man ang pampasarap yan, hehe..

ianemv said...

@Bai - I think it's not that usual event, it's really the responsibility of the crew to make it insect free hehe =).

@Ark - Haha pasalubong mo pa naman yan minsan. Ako rin.

aimanem said...

It's not just the crew who should be responsible for this. By the name Goldilocks, disaster na yan para sa kanila and they're not just any ordinary bakeshop. They could lose their valuable customers because of this.

ianemv said...

@aiman, thanks for dropping by tol..i agree with you. like bai commented, the management of the store must take precautionary measures talaga.

Also, I believe this should really be avoided not just by company like Goldilocks but all establishments that deals with food.

Weblogger| CarloBlogg Online said...

naku, kelangan disiplinahin ng management ang crew nyan; mawawalang cla ng customers nyan :)

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