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Megan Fox's latest movie Transformer 2 has earned $721,926,889 worldwide as of July 14,2009. Basically it's because the success of its prequel which make people watch the Transformer 2. Since I haven't watched that movie yet, I asked some of my friends who have already watched the said movie. Here's what I often get "Megan's so sexy" hehe.. When I informed my friend that after a few of showing both movies ties at $42.5M he immediately replied "i'll watch Transformer 2 again just to break that tie".

We all know that Megan Fox is one of the hottest women in Hollywood started from her debut movie Transformer. After lunch today, I decided to look for Megan's upcoming movie and I found out that aside from Jennifer's Body there is Fathom. Fathom is a comic book by Michael Turner which was debuted in 1998 and suddenly stop when the author was diagnosed with cancer.

In the movie, Megan will play as Aspen Matthews wherein she will become a sexy aquatic superheroine. Considering her sexiness, I'm starting to imagine how will Aspen be portrayed by Megan. Well, Fathom is set in 2010 so let's just wait and see.


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