10:40 PM

WoW! As in World of Warcraft.

Just learned from Ark today that the famous video game was announced to have its movie adaptation under the direction of Sam Raimi who also directed Spiderman.

I felt excited about the news because I've been expecting the movie way back 2006 when I heard from my officemate that it will have its movie adaptation. Sadly, it was not materialize back then.

Now, with the official press release from Blizzard and a post from Variety. I believe there's no stopping the movie now and we should expect the movie maybe late next year or early 2011 because Sam Raimi will still finish directing Spider-Man 4 until early next year.

To my fellow Warcraft gamers let's wait for the movie and sure will enjoy it. Who do you think will be Godlike and who will drew his first blood?

I miss playing World of Warcraft particularly DOTA(Defense of the Ancient) for about a year or two now.


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