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Today July 10, most of the establishments here in the city are closed as their act to condemn the kidnappings and the recent bombing happened here in Cotabato City.

As of today I have here the lists of the kidnapped. Note: Please comment if something missing.

Kidnapped Name Released Comments
02/19/09 Wilson Tan / 50yrs old 02/19/09 Her daughter was with him too Read more
05/31/09 Leonarda Tan /72yrs old 06/17/09 Released after paying P2M ransom money Read more
06/25/09 John Kyle Tiongson / 5-year old 07/08/09 Has a fever and asthma when kidnapped Read more

To express the appeal of local businessmen they posted a streamers in front of their establishments. I have seen this streamers about 2-3 days ago but I didn't realized that they will come up with idea of closing their establishments.

At any rate, I am still hopeful that these kidnapping cases will end very soon. May we have a blessed city. I don't want to learned that this city is moving backward.


ark said...

Matatapos din yang mga kidnapping na yan. After the election, hehe..

FYI, fail man lagi ang labas nung tweetmeme mo sa akin?

ianemv said...

Sana nga ark, ilang buwan na lang bago mag election..

na try ko man ang tweetmeme and working man sa mga tweets ko..ano ang particular error na-experience mo?

ark said...

Ok na man. Siguro dahil un sa internet ko sa bahay, mabagal.

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