5:16 AM

A few minutes ago I read from Yahoo! article about "Strep throat may have killed Mozart: study" and surprised by the alleged cause of death of Wolfgang Mozart.

Right after, I checked my Encarta dictionary and found out that strep is linked to streptococcus or defined as:

round bacterium: a spherical bacterium that often causes diseases such as scarlet fever or pneumonia. The bacteria link together in pairs or chains. 

Genus: Streptococcus 

Source: Microsoft Encarta

Mozart is one of the finest artists in 18th century. As person not really particular with classic music such as Mozart, I even thought Canon D which was re-popularize in Youtube around 2006 (if I'm not mistaken) was composed by him. Watch video below.

I also love listening to Carmina Burana if I'm on mood in listening to his music.

To wrap up, may Mozart's caused of death would really be solved at once and may his music continue to live until next generations. 


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