11:49 PM

Yesterday it was posted at BBC site that Nokia announced that they will be offering new product which is Booklet 3G netbook.

Nokia now officially enters to the PC vendors competition particularly on netbooks. Netbooks has becoming popular nowadays because of its handiness.

Here's the Specs:

Operating system: Windows based
Thichness: 2cm
Weight : 1.25 kilograms (2.75 lbs)
Display : 10 inches
battery life : about 12 hours
Internet Connection : Wi-fi and 3G
Add-ons : Bluetooth, GPS, a webcam, SD card reader and SIM slot.

Credits: image from BBC news site.


evilsquirrel01 said...

looks great! and great specs too

ianemv said...

I agree. I'm not surprised that Nokia ventures into tablet PC. Anyway, I hope they'll have a good market share from this product line.

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