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Last month, Youtube campaigned to its visitor to upgrade their browser particularly those using Internet Explorer 6.

As one of the web enthusiasts, I noticed a lot of websites I visited not rendering well in Internet Explorer 6 because of its bugs and problems.

Web designers also having headache designing because of the bugs mentioned. Some web designers still have to hack their codes just to make their design render well in IE6.

There's also a case that sites were optimized with IE6 and now not working well in latest browsers. One of those is SSS.gov.ph wherein I mentioned from my post that it's buggy. You can also visit mindanao.org in which sidebar menus are also not working well.

According to this post and this, Youtube may stop working in IE6 because they will spend more time optimizing to latest browsers and not wasting time working with old browsers. One of the popular social bookmarking site Digg may, too.

I like to quote this:
A month ago, YouTube started asking IE6 users to please, for the love of God, upgrade to "more modern browsers." The skeptic in me wondered then whether Google, which owns YouTube, also was hoping people would switch to its Chrome browser. Google also is phasing out IE6 support on its social networking site, Orkut.
Soon, most of sites will stop supporting IE6 too so start using latest browsers now. You may also experience bug-less and faster Internet surfing.

You may also visit this campaign.

Where to download latest browsers?

Firefox 3.5


Safari 4


Internet Explorer 8

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ark said...

Bundled kasi sa Windows XP SP2 ang IE6 at karamihan sa mga pinoy, ito pa ang gamit. At kadalasan, tamad or di marunong mag-upgrade ng IE. Ung site ko nga eh pangit ang labas sa IE6.

ianemv said...

Yun na nga eh..Nag respond naman ngayon sa BBC ang Microsoft na continue pa rin daw ang support nila sa IE6 until 2014. Sabagay wala na rin ang IE6 by that time pag puro Windows Vista or 7 ang mga OS dito.

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