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Ironman star Robert Downey Jr. and The Hangover star  Zach Galifianakis joined together in another comedy movie that will try to make us laugh.

The Story

Due Date story goes with Peter portrayed by Downey, a soon to be first time father who went for business trip but encountered series of unfortunate events during his return.

Claudia Puig, USA Today

"Peter collides with goony Ethan (Galifianakis). Disbelief must be suspended when Peter makes it through airport security in inadvertent possession of Ethan's marijuana (allegedly for his glaucoma). As Peter, Downey insists, 'I've never done drugs in my life,' a line that is all the funnier given Downey's past. Officials confiscate the drug, Peter is allowed to board the flight. But after an onboard ruckus involving Ethan's protruding hairy belly, he and Ethan are tossed off and onto the no-fly list. Peter now must make the cross-country trip by car to arrive in time to see his baby born. But thanks to more contrived shenanigans, he has no credit card to rent a car. Ethan, however, manages to get a rental car, and the next thing you know, the two are sharing the front seat."

The Reviews

Comingsoon.net Edward Douglas finds the movie funny here's his review,

"Not all the jokes work, but when they do, it's due to the perfect comic timing and chemistry that keeps you invested in this odd couple. While many of the best gags may be given away by the commercials, there is more than enough other things to explore in their relationship with a surprising amount of warmth and heart that makes it feel like a far more mature effort on Phillips' part. Ultimately, 'Due Date' may not be nearly as clever as 'The Hangover' and its attempt to solve a 'night before' mystery, but it is a fairly satisfying film on its own merits, a fun experience that's more than just an endless stream of jokes." —

User generated movie reviews site Rottentomatoes.com, gave a total of 40% score Tomatometer which is obviously too low for any movie but at least gained 72% audience liked. I should say, making movie fans laugh is one of the hardest thing a movie producer could ever do. Here's one of the users said, "Involuntary drug use, the understanding female waiting at home, masturbating innocents, violent strangers with crowbars - it seems as if this whole film is a hangover from The Hangover." It's sure is, Hangover was indeed funny but following its storyline will not assure you of the same appreciation.

Final words.

Well, movie reviews are all personal opinions and if you feel like watching it don't bother yourself with others' comments just watch it.

 Watch Due Date trailer below.