1:12 AM

According to Fox News, Missile Defense Agency refute the buzzing topic missile launch California. But what seems to mysterious missile could just be a jet. Based from a post of ContrailScience.com the visible exhaust from a jet engine, a trail of condensed water vapor called a contrail, resembles a missile trail when seen from some angles. According also to contrailscience, the flare were too bright for a rocket and the said mysterious craft was incredibly slow compare to a real rocket.

News broke on November 8 when a CBS news crew captured an alleged contrail of a missile launch in California. Southern California Weather Authority's Meteorologist Kevin Martin seconded what ContrailScience.com posted from their website that the it wasn't a missile launch but just a jet.

Martin said in Examiner.com, "We see this often when the flights come at the right time, however, some people are just out to witness it at the right time, "We had strong winds up there as well as really cold temperatures from a passing storm system. This also had an area of upper level moisture ... where airliners fly."

The said missile launch in California is not new to ContrailScience, according to the site the misconceptions had happened many times. There was The Dec 31st contrail, from Laguna Beach, New Years Eve contrail in Santa Monica and few to mentions or may check pictures here.

The Military Defense is yet to issue their statement regarding the said missile launch issue.