8:36 PM

Check out Google doodle today! See that bones? It's not about archeology or even osteology (study of bones) but a doodle tribute for the 115th anniversary of discovery of x-ray.

Perhaps we should really thank Google for having stuff like these. The tributes made by Google are not simply impressing us with their skills in doodle creations but somehow  educate us history such as this. Without today's Google doodle, how would I get interest knowing about it's history and even know that the machine was invented 115 years ago. Well, maybe if I happened to study radiology.

Let's talk about the X-ray, no one can deny that X-ray machine is just one of the most useful inventions in medical study that ever invented. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German scientist who was able to produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength and now known as X-ray in November 8,1895. According to Wikipedia," XRAY is used as a communications code word for the letter x." To know more about X-ray you may check its Wiki entry here.

Perhaps we should really be thankful to Wilhelm for inventing the X-ray because for 115 years, we are able to use x-ray machines in various usage not just in medical field.