4:08 AM

Admit it or not, in any sports or competition no one from both sides are mocking if not totally insulting the other side for their weakness or worse their disease if they have one.

Today, Margarito mocks Fred Roach Parkinson's Disease video has been spreading over the Internet like a viral disease. You will see how Margarito Team mocks on Pacquiao Team and Roach's disease in particular.

Meanwhile, Margarito's coach Garcia asked for apology from Roach for the thing they did as reported by NBC Sports.

"This was nothing to do with the disease that Freddie Roach has. We know it’s something that we don’t wish nobody,” Garcia said. “It’s something personal, something between Team Pacquiao and Team Margarito. I just wanted to make that clear."

You can watch Elie Seckbach/FanHouse uploaded video below. From the video you will see Margarito twisting his face and laughing which is obviously making fun of Roach. Robert Garcia who also have part in the mockery by holding up a thick chunk of metal and telling Roach he’d better watch as Margarito‘s hands are wrapped so that it doesn’t end up under the tape.