6:27 AM

For someone who knows Pearl Jam's lead vocals Eddie Vedder, listening to Javier Diaz will truly deceive them.

Javier Diaz who auditioned for the reality search Mi nombre es sings Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter surprisingly similar. As I watch and listen to Javier singing, I could say that he could re-popularize the Grunge rock once again. At first when Diaz told he is Eddie Vedder, I couldn't agree but when he sang, damn truly sounded like Eddie.

Reminds me of the guy who sings like Freddie Mercury .

Anyway, for the younger generation who's not familary with Pearl Jam, they're a grunge rock band in the 90's. In early 2000 they re-popularize the classic song Last Kiss which became their highest charting single in Billboard Top 100, according to Wikipedia.

At the peak of the grunge rock, Alice in Chains, Kurt Cobain's Nirvana, Soundgarden and many others were at the mainstream back then. It was also the decade when MTV Unplugged was so popular. MTV Unplugged is an MTV show that features artists performing their hits in acoustic version.

Watch Pearl Jam's Yellow Ledbetter official music below and have the final say if they sounded the same.