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Admit it or not we all like free. Free t-shirts from politicians, free mugs (of beer) as long as it's we'll love it of course. As a PC addict, nothing compares to have a softwares that are free to have your PC "free" of viruses (We really love free). As of today, I reformatted my PC have my favorite anti-virus Avast installed again.

Since I wanted to download a fresh copy of Avast home edition, I got stuck for a few seconds to doubt the authenticity of the site I visited. Why does the good old blue circle with small caps letter inside was missing? Am I on the wrong site? Well, I confirmed from Avast blog that they indeed changed their logo. Based from their blog, the new logo arrived around January 19,2010 or earlier. Recently, I post about MTV new logo which I think updating logos and services are now trending.

Aside from its logo, Avast also changed the program interface. Based from this image here, it's a big leap from its previous version. I've tried using it last night but I haven't found the option "Schedule boot-time scan". If someone have tried using the new version of Avast, please leave your comment.


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