4:11 PM

In my post Friendster will be closing soon, I mentioned that Facbook is becoming more popular each today.

Globally in Alexa top 500 sites, Facbook is still number two while number one in Philippines. Top sites in Philippines haven't change a lot but noticeably Friendster dropped down from number three to six.
facbookWhy join Facbook? What I really like most is connecting with family, friends, relatives, ex-classmates, neighbor is so easy, with the help of Suggestions corner. There's also a Family Link application wherein you can tag your friend as your relative, say cousin. If your cousin will add new relative, you will also be notified and check if you're related to that person added by your cousin.

Actually, there are a lot more of stuff you'll enjoy with Facbook. If you want to join you can visit the site www.facebook.com.