8:47 AM

I wonder if penpal is still in today. It depends on ones definition of penpal, as observed today, only few would bother to write a lengthy of paragraphs in a paper.

What is Pen pal ? A person with whom one becomes acquainted through a friendly, regular correspondence. Source: Answer.com
 In a technology today, getting acquainted to a person can be in many medium. It could be cellular phone, email, chat, or popular social networking sites like Facbook.

I remember way back in high school, people also get acquainted by two-way radios. Another form of media for socializing which didn't last that long in my opinion.   But for some of us during those days write letters to other schools to meet new friends. Philippine Post Office conducted seminar to encourage us to write letters and have friends from other schools. Unfortunately, I think none of us tried to.

What's the difference of penpal or online friends today? Ideally, none. But in speed of correspondence or let say connection, the difference could be a million miles really. It's beyond compare to what we have before. Mail from a post office is usually called as "Snail Mail", now who would like to receive a mail that will be received for a month or two. Who would want to full their garbage bin in a whole night just writing a letter?

Writing in a sheet of paper a way cheaper than typing in a computer using your keyboard.