10:54 PM

What's all about this issue Obama violated my private parts? Is this related to last year's issue? About the prisoner of  Guantánamo? According to the blog I found here , Binyam Mohamed a detainee for seven years at  Guantánamo told that he was tortured during his stay at the said jail.

Excerpt from Naomi Wolf's Post

Recently I have been in touch with Binyam Mohamed, who is the UK resident who was released from Guantánamo in February -- after seven years' captivity without charges -- and who last Friday won a major victory when a British court ruled that the US and the UK could not continue to conceal from the public seven paragraphs in documents that describe the horrific torture of Mr Mohamed in 'black sites' and at Guantánamo. He is also suing Boeing for its part in rendering him to 'black sites.' [...]
[O]fficials have told reporters that one action that the paragraphs describe is the cutting of genitals with a razor; waterboarding, this official said dryly, is well down on the list of atrocities Mr. Mohamed suffered.
 Is this really true? I hope we'll find an answer in due time. I will also find other resources to clarify what was Obama violated my private parts phrase all about.