8:02 PM

This morning I was surprised with Melardenio's post Justin Bieber versus Johnson Externon and have an early LSS with Justin Bieber's Baby. Honestly, I'm going deaf listening to this song because I always hear it everyday and it's sickening! For god sake!

Anyway, since Justin Bieber's Baby is very popular I decided to post here the two covers from both Filipino.
Johnson Externon and VERONiCA iQUiN (Is this a jejemon?). We'll wait for a few months from now, one of them will be in tv show, I guess. By the way, you might also like to join Veronica's fan page here. I don't know if Johnson have his fan page but you can check his Youtube channel here.

The catch about Johnson is that he's suffering from autism according to his info from his Youtube page. On the other hand, Veronica got a talent but she might need an edge that will differentiate her from Yeng Constantino, MYMP or other female artists who sings with acoustic guitar.



I Was Born On 25th of June 1990, at the age of 3, I am suffering from Autism and I cannot do any ability, talent or skills and now I developed my music skills and I hope that many Youtubers can support me anytime, anywhere



Me? I would always try to be a Simple Girl :)
Hi, I'm new to YouTube and
If i like a song, I would definitely make a cover out of it. Weather it's old or new, quite old or quite new. I will and I would :)