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Is Debrahlee Lorenzana too hot to handle by her employer?

Have you heard of a news that one of the staff of Citigroup sues the bank for firing her because of her hotness? Indeed! I guess most of the male staff can't resist looking at Debrahlee Lorenzana's natural beauty and irresistible hotness.

According to the news, she's been warned repeatedly because her office attires are too distracting, tight or inappropriate. In Debrahlee Lorenzana suit, it's not all about her clothes but rather her.

Here's an excerpt from her suit.
Other female employees "were able to wear such clothing because they were short, overweight, and they didn't draw much attention," she later wrote in a letter describing the meeting to Human Resources, "but since I was five-foot-six, 125 pounds, with a figure, it wasn't 'appropriate.' " She was also furious. "Are you saying that just because I look this way genetically, that this should be a curse for me?""

Debrahlee Lorenzana

Image source:nymag.com