7:41 AM

Edward Scissorhands Remake? Isn't it just riding the wave because one of the 80's film Footloose will have its remake? Actually, the trending topic Edward Scissorhands remake is just another un-verified story/rumor. Some of the commenter from a blog post told that the idea came out from Wikipedia. According to the entry, Robert Downey Jr, star of the movie Iron Man was mentioned that he will be leading the role as creator of Edward. I did checked the Wikipedia entry of Edward Scissorhands but nothing was mentioned about the sequel or the prequel they were saying.

From this rumor Edward Scissorhands remake, Robert Pattinson was also dragged because of his character name Edward from the movie Twilight : New Moon, most awarded in 2010 MTV movie awards.

I searched over the major sites, nothing seems to back up the Edward Scissorhands remake. If anyone from you have the idea about this movie, I would be very glad to have your comments here because I'm a fan of that movie.