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Last month, it was a shocking to know about a 2-year old boy who smokes about 40 a sticks a day. I just read awhile ago that he's going to special treatment to quit that damn bad habit that kills a million.

It was really sad to know that his father thought him how to smoke at his 18 months age. No wonder he smokes maturely. According to his dad, his son got so addicted to smoking so when the boy is denied to smoke he tantrums to the extend that the boy will hit his head against the wall just to have a smoke. Damn that's so addict of you boy!

Image source: Yahoo! news Philippines.

Can you just look into his picture? His dad says the toddler is still "healty". Early yet to say that. Excerpt from Yahoo! news/

"The boy was able to stop smoking for about two hours after we distracted his attention with toys," the chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, Seto Mulyadi, told AFP.
 It's good to know that the doctors was able to divert the boy's attention. I hope this won't happen to other children.

You may also like to watch the video below ;)

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