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Dinner for Schmucks Reviews shows that the movies was not really well, satisfactory. Got only 52% out 105 comments from a popular movie critic site Rottentomatoes.com.

Not really a fan of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, though I like some of their movies. Steve Carell failed my expectation to the movie Evan Almighty (Guess, I expect a lot.) Steve Carells' Get Smart is pretty awesome, maybe because of Anne Hathaway

As to Paul Rudd, I like his movie Role Models together with Seann William Scott who was also one of my favorite from the movie American Pie (He's good actor for a jerk role). Paul Rudd is not really a funny guy but I really wonder why he got comedy project movies? But somehow did make me laugh from the movie Role Models.

Now, let's go back to Dinner for Schmuck reviews, I just can't imagine how their chemistry works. How will the writers and directory blend their portrayals. But based from movie critic site Rottentomates, it sounds like the movie will not even make it to top 5 weekend box office.

Here are some comments form Rottentomatoes.com
With apologies to Vin Scelsa, Dinner for Schmucks is an idiot's delight

Hollywood used to produced great comedies that made you laugh until your sides

Unless you're a hard-core Carell fan, this is one Dinner reservation I'd consider canceling.

Filled with audacious silly behavior, none of which has an edge to make its comedy sharp.

Veber’s comic conceit, which stopped short of actually showing the dinner,

Ambles along waywardly for the first half hour before losing steam altogether.

The blend of styles with Rudd's everyman realism, Roach's pedestrian visual sense, and the script's "wacky" humor results in a stew of a comedy in which the divergent ingredients never gel into one coherent movie dish.

That the film would be funny, at times hilarious, despite having the potential to be needlessly cruel, is not exactly a surprise given the two actors' proven chemistry in those prior films.

Dinner With Schmucks may actually be the funniest movie currently in the marketplace -- but that’s pretty much by default.
Much less energy, delight, wit, humor and fun than the original was able to muster without any evident strain.

It's just too bad you have to sit through a less than appetizing main course before you get to sink your teeth into the mouthwatering dessert.

All the disorderly or anarchistic possibilities of its premise get channeled back toward a message of symbolic pseudo-redemption, which is what Hollywood movies have to deliver at all costs.

With moments of fitful hilarity, the pairing of Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and a talented cast of secondary actors, there’s plenty here to keep summer comedy fans satiated, if not entirely satisfied.

Pure, tasteless slapstick silliness with little on its mind beyond cheap yuks.

In adapting Francis Veber’s 1998 French farce Le Dîner des cons (The Dinner Game), Roach and his writers David Guion and Michael Handelman have completely defanged it.

A satisfactory meal, but not quite the comedic feast that it might have been had it possessed some spicier ingredients.
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