11:00 AM

4chan is family oriented was posted on the site 4chan.org after the site was featured in Good Morning America. GMA, interviewed Jessi Slaughter and her family on their special segment. [Watch the video embedded below.] 

Jessi Slaughter the 11-year old girl who received cyberbullying and appeared in Good Morning America for an interview. She wouldn't have gotten this far if in the first place behaves herself as she should be. According to comments, Jessi gave details "in which she describes her sexual activity or how much she has claimed to love having s*& on her blogs." Exact phrase.

There was also a video of her chatting online and said “I don’t care, any type of fame I’ll take”. The video came out after the alleged video"emotional breakdown" was out. Check links provided. What were Jessi's thinking? Is she or her family is just after for fame? Sounds like it.


4chan.org, users' activities is known to work in anonymous. The site is an image board wherein users post a picture while other comment on.