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Innovation, add-ons, latest features or whatever you call them that's still cool for me. Statistics is always been a part of our life, from our day to day activities, tv to radio and now to Internet.

Statistics, as defined from Dictionary.com - The mathematics of the collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data, especially the analysis of population characteristics by inference from sampling.
From a site owner's point of view, we need to monitor our visits statistics to simply identify our sources of traffic like keywords, country, referring sites, operating system and browsers and many more. For more about this, you may search "importance of web stats".

Image 1 : Dashboard
I'm not really going to discuss importance of web stats but how I came up with this post. The latest feature I've seen at Blogger in Draft last night caught my attention.

From my Dashboard, I saw the "Stats" at the rightmost of my blog. Checked out immediately and displayed with Stats overview (Image 2).

Image 2 : Stats Overview

See images embedded below :

Image 3 : Posts and Pages Stats
Image 4 Traffic Sources

Image 5 : Audience

From the Audience stats, I didn't know that I actually have a visitor using a PlayStation Portable, PLAYSTATION 3 and iPod. That was cool.

Now comparing it to WP Stats, I don't think they have difference at all because both will give us the same information. For now, I like Blogger's Stats.

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