8:42 PM

Comedian actor Redford White died today 6:47am as posted by Jim Paredes via his Twitter,member of the trio-group APO Hiking Society. According to sources, Redford White, Cipriano Cermeno in real life, died because of lung and brain cancer. The disease he has been battling for a long time.

Jim Paredes' tweet. Check his Twitter here.

“At 6:47 am today, my great friend, fellow diver and a wonderful human being known to all as Redford White passed away peacefully. I was with him yesterday and we had our last hugs. I will miss you ‘pre. Love you. Your great spirit has left many sad. “I have been expecting this. My only consolation is that his physical suffering has stopped. I will never forget you dear friend. I love you. In truth, he counts among the most wonderful human beings I have ever known–generous, kind, light, uncomplicated, funny and loving. Your passing leaves a hole in my heart.”
Redford White's manager or he himself hid his situation in public. When rumors came out, no one from Redford's family confirmed it, his manager has even sent a message to ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” that the actor is in “good shape.

Condolence to Redford's family and love ones. Thank you for making us laugh the time you were still alive.