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Bobby Farrell, the lead vocals of the 1970's disco band Boney M died Thursday (December 30) in his hotel room in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the age of 61.

Check out Rivers of Babylon at Youtube

Here's an information about Bobby Farrell from Wikipedia.

Farrell left Aruba at age 15 to become a sailor. He lived in Norway and the Netherlands before moving to Germany. There, he worked mostly as a DJ until producer Frank Farian spotted him for his new Boney M. group. He became the sole male singer in the group, although Farian later revealed that Bobby made almost no vocal contributions to the group's records, with Farian himself performing the male parts on the songs in the studio. Liz Mitchell claimed that only she and Farian had sung on the hit recordings. Farrell did, however, perform live in some of the various incarnations of 'Boney M

Agent of Farrell named John Seine told Reuters,

"He did a show last night as part of Bobby Farrell's Boney M and they found him this morning dead in his hotel room," "He did not feel well last night and was having problems with his breathing, but he did the show anyway."

Watch Bobby Farrell, Rivers of Babylon video, one of the songs popularized by Boney M. Rivers of Babylon was also covered by a Punk-Reggae band Sublime.

The death of Bobby Farrell is now under investigation of the Russian policemen, the cause of death was not immediately released.