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Who is John Gotti?
John Gotti

From Wikipedia:
John Joseph Gotti, Jr (October 27, 1940 - June 10, 2002) was the Boss of the New York City Gambino crime family after the murder of the previous boss Paul Castellano. John Gotti was the most powerful crime boss during his era. He became widely known for his outspoken personality and flamboyant style that eventually caused his downfall.
He was known by the media as "The Dapper Don" because he wore expensive clothes and "The Teflon Don" because the majority of attempts to convict him resulted in either a hung jury or an acquittal.[citation needed]
In 1992, Gotti was convicted of 13 murders, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling, extortion, tax evasion, and loansharking where he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He died there 10 years later of cancer

In the news:

According to entertainment news, John Gotti's life will be in the big screen soon. It was said that  director Nick Cassavetes, director of the romantic drama movie 'The Notebook', is in talks to bring the story of Gotti Jr. to the screen in a film that will focus on his relationship with his notorious father.