7:26 AM

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Happy New year to one and all. Let's end the year 2010 leaving all the pain and suffering and learning out of it.
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Let's welcome the year 2011 with arms wide open with a renewed self. Look forward to what you want achieve in life, focus and don't let small hindrance. Reminds me of my Bob Ong quotes.

Have you enjoyed the year 2010? If you ask me, of course somehow I did but for the last quarter of it, I got sick and it was so painful ever. Something to do with my lungs. Anyway, as I said, let's leave it all behind. What's important to me now is I'm already healing, got my latest result and it was good.

Meanwhile, I will be ending my post here since I'm currently thinking of posting a year-end post for this blog of mine :).

To all my visitors here thank you and a warm greetings to all of you. We should also welcome this guy.

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