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For music lovers who are also fond of listening rock music and especially those rockers (let's not categorically identify them) obviously know the Aerosmith band and Aerosmith songs. I'm pretty sure Aerosmith songs are part of their mp3 collection and not to mention their CD's or cassette tapes. Yikes!

If you came here because you were looking for Aerosmith songs, you might want to check the list I found at Wikipedia. From the list, you will see from first column the year it was released, title of the song and at third column is number at Top 40 Billboard Hot 100.

1975: "Sweet Emotion", #36
1976: "Dream On", #6
1976: "Last Child", #21
1977: "Walk This Way", #10
1977: "Back in the Saddle", #38
1978: "Come Together", #23
1987: "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)", #14
1988: "Angel", #3
1988: "Rag Doll", #17
1989: "Love in an Elevator", #5
1990: "Janie's Got a Gun", #4
1990: "What it Takes", #9
1990: "The Other Side", #22
1993: "Livin' on the Edge", #18
1993: "Cryin'", #12
1994: "Amazing", #24
1994: "Crazy", #17
1997: "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)", #35
1998: "Pink", #27
1998: "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", #1
2001: "Jaded", #7

Meanwhile, if you are a movie fan and have watched the Armageddon, chances are you have heard Aerosmith song I don't want to miss a thing which you can watch below.