11:07 PM

Out of curiosity last year I tried Omegle, a random chat mate pairing. Just like Chatroullete, one of the top searches keyword for 2010.

What makes people enjoy random chat particularly Chatroullete? 

There are times you might get bored just surfing the net and most of your friends are offline, you might want to try chatting with a total stranger. You never know where your chat will lead, it can be fun or idiotic. But the good thing is, if you find your chatmate boring, you can easily drop the talk without feeling guilty at all.

Here are various websites that offers random chat mate.


At Chatroullete, user is required to have a webcam before you can start chatting. User are also given an option to change the background from a colorful one to just plain white.


Although Chatroullete is much popular than any other, Omegle is also a great option to Chatroullete. With Omegle, users are given an option to chat whether voice with cam or just plain text. With text option, users without webcam have a chance to chat to talk to strangers.


Facebook may have conquered the social networking, Tworl somehow give an exciting side of social networking. Users may be required to register, upon registration, users will start to search for match and start chatting then. Afterwards, a 48 hours will be to two chatters if they want to accept or reject each other as friend. Way different to Facebook, right?


Similar to Chatroullete, user is also required to have a webcam. Aside from typical features, Lollichat offers a translator that will give users a chance to chance a wider coverage.


Since most of the sites featured offers webcam capable, Misham on the other hand offers plain text. 

If you're conventional chatter, you might remember mIRC which is now available in WebIRC.