8:49 PM

Following Steven Tyler in the American Idol Season 10 here are some quotes he have thrown out during the first two auditions.

steven tyler aerosmith

» "You know what they say about a little hat?" Tyler asked to camera, wearing a tiny black top hat. "Little [bleep]." (We have no idea what he said, but because it was bleeped out by Fox, it had to be good/dirty, right?)

» "It's not cold; it was the warmth of his voice," Tyler said of the evening's first contestant to fellow judge Jennifer Lopez, who complained of getting goose bumps from the audition and the actual chill in the room.

» "Where did you get those lips?" he asked one young lady, followed by, "You had me sold from the second you laid eyes on me. Wait ... "

» "From my melodic sensibility, it was really delicious," he enthused after one performance. "I really liked your voice."

» "Yes." (Responding to a query as to whether he was familiar Mick Jagger's mouth.)

» "The sparkle in your eye is like, forget about it," Tyler said to a baby-face 15-year-old hopeful. "Looking at you, I'm closing my eyes and it's a work of art, a thing of beauty ... and I will finish that off with a double helping of ooh-yeah."