6:48 AM

Wow! Internet pranksters Improv Everywhere pulled off another successful No Pants Subway ride this weekend.

According to initial estimates from the group, some 3,500 New Yorkers participated in the event, removing their bottoms and enjoying all that our city's wonderful public transportation system has to offer.

Events were also held in 50 other cities in 24 countries, from chilly Minneapolis to the far more pleasant São Paulo. Video from last year's event after the jump.

Initial photos reported at Improv everyhere.com

- Agent Katie Sokoler’s photos [Downtown - 6 train] (still uploading)
- Agent Ari Scott’s photos [Astoria] (still uploading)
- Agent Brian Fountain’s photos [Brooklyn]
- Agent David Bledsoe’s photos [Downtown - 1 train] (still uploading)
- Agent Ilya Chigirev’s photo [Flushing]
- Agent Susan Sermoneta’s photos [Central Park] (still uploading)
- Agent Gabriel Chai [Bushwick]