6:30 PM

With the increasing number of competitors for iPad, launched today  HP TouchPad. Although the market is widely dominated by Apple, many computing companies tries to have a slice a share.

There are Samsung has its Galaxy Tab, Acer, Microsoft and now HP are all gearing up to catch up with iPad. On the other hand, Apple is also preparing themselves to launch iPad 2 in the next couple of months since it already in production.

On the other hand, there are still reasons why Apple fans even non-Apple users are most likely to stick with iPad.
  • Apple Store - HP TouchPad doesn't have much network compare to both Apple store and Google's Android.
  • Price - Although some tech companies wanted to compete with iPad by beating its price, HP on the other hand didn't say anything about its TouchPad price.
  • Developer wise - number of developers in webOS has a wide gap against Android and iOS.