9:45 PM

Justin Bieber bald. Yes his signature hair was taken off by Jimmy Kimmel during the late night show.

Well, that's just a wish for those didn't like Justin Bieber. The haircut done by Jimmy Kimmel was only a late night stunt, with Bieber sporting a bald cap.

Wondering how did Justin Bieber end up bald on Jimmy Kimmel? Well, Jimmy was taking song titles on Twitter and one would be chosen for Jimmy and Justin to sing.

One of the titles was “Jimmy Cuts Justin’s Hair,” so instead of singing about it, Kimmel decided to actually do it.

Before the commercial break,Jimmy Kimmel took one snip of Justin Bieber's hair, after the break, Justin Bieber was completely bald!

What do you think of Justin Bieber bald? Bieber says the girls may be upset, but they’ll get over it!

Watch how Justin Bieber looks when he's bald from video below.