4:49 AM

After the Two and a Half Men cancelled, Chuck Lorre could be answering Charlie Sheen's challenged to fight him in an octagon match. Chuck Lorre's posted a picture of his knuckle to his blog.

Chuck Lorre, producer of Big Bang Theory, Grace Under Fire and Cybill, Dharma & Greg decided that Two and a Half Men cancelled after Charlie went on rant.
chuck lorre

Meanwhile, here's Chuck Lorre's post from his blog.
It was more fun writing these things when I was fairly certain no one was reading them. That is no longer the case. These days it seems like every vanity card is getting scrutinized and criticized by network executives, corporate legal departments and publicity departments, TV journalists and tabloid bloggers. Believe it or not, my musings have been both cheered and jeered by TV Guide! But lately it's gotten out of hand. Which is why I've decided to take a break for a few weeks. Let things cool off a little. Instead of writing short essays that upset people, I've decided to use my one second of network TV to do something simple and hassle-free. Starting with this card, I'm going to display a photograph of a part of my body that is entirely innocuous. No longer will I share some troublesome piece of my mind. Now I will share an actual piece of Chuck that is incapable of offending anyone. You know, a foot, a hand, or maybe a toe. So with that in mind, behold...
Chuck Lorre's few weeks break could give him a breath and freely decided if he will really finalize his decision Two and a Half Men cancelled.