10:51 PM

Would you rather see Eminem in Chrysler Super bowl commercial or performing at the Super Bowl XLV?

As a fan, I would love to see him in commercial since I haven't seen any product endorsed by Eminem. It will makes me think if his endorsements would click just like his Recovery's achievement. As to his Chrysler Super bowl commercial, Chrysler 200 Super bowl commercial it was actually worth watching.

Chrysler Super bowl commercial

The Chrysler Super bowl commercial featuring Eminem starts with industrial images flashed across the screen while the narrator says, “I got a question for you, what does this city know about luxury? What does a town that has been to hell and back know about the finer things of life? Was Eminem asked to do the commercial because he was a car factory worker in his movie 8 mile? Nah, just trying to tailor the story.

Then more images of Detroit flash on screen as the narrator continues, saying “the hottest fires that makes the strongest steel.”

How does the Motor City compare to Sin City, New York City, the Windy City?

The commercial's background was the same OST of his movie 8mile. Now, I'm really seeing the relativity of Eminem's movie and the commercial. The music escalates as Eminem exits the luxury vehicle and walks into Detroit’s historic Fox Theater under its marquee which reads, “Keep Detroit Beautiful.”

The Chrysler 200 commercial ended with the choir stops singing as Eminem hops on stage.  Eminem says, "This is motor city and this is what we do."

With Eminem's final words from Chrysler 200 commercial, makes me wanna say. Ya, because you played as car factory worker from your movie 8 Mile.