4:28 AM

For three weeks now, an Internet meme "Taga" became a trending stuff over Facebook. I first noticed "Taga Gensan ka kung", "Bataeño (Bataan) ka if", Taga Davao ka kung, Taga UP Diliman ka kung and many more.

The Internet meme "Taga's" objectives were actually to share stuff, showcase and informed friends and people over Facebook about the certain place, organization, or schools the Facebook group created or members joined in.

As a Cotabateño, of course I joined "Taga Cotabato ka kung" since I have been a residence of this City since the age of 5.

Taga Cotabato ka kung..my observations

The first 3 days was very interesting, most of the members shared the foods, historical places, newly established commercial avenues, restaurants, the why's, when etc etc etc. It was very heartwarming to read that mostly if not all are really proud of the city.

Some members also shared their Cotabato City flood experiences (which has been recurring for four years, this year was the worse one IMO), the local delicacies, dating places and many more.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, not all were really proud and in fact some posted insulting comments about Cotabato City, its people, the crimes, and the city in general. Most of them would actually bring negative implications to the city but that's what they really want to share to the world, so be it. I have noticed a lot of disagreements among members particularly to the issue of deleted post. Like any other social media trends, there has been cyber bullying just like what happened to Christopher Lao. I've read comments that who experience intimidation, but to be fair, cyber bullying and intimidation not only happens in this particular group.

Yesterday and yes today I visited the group just to check out happenings, there's this particular member posted her comment about males in Cotabato saying (her family name is Villanueva, unfortunately we have the same last name.), as a Cotabateño if I'm one those ugly person she wants to point that's fine with me but to comparing the ugly person with the farmers is something outrageous to any Filipinos who understands their contribution to this country.

I actually find her comment irrelevant to the objective of the group but maybe she ran out ideas to share to the group.

Btw, Taga Cotabato ka kung number of members always match with Taga Gensan ka kung group, 6,237 and 6,287 respectively.

Back to the particular post at Taga Cotabato ka, IMO, she had skipped her grade school subject that supposed to teach her what does a "Magsasaka" does in their lives for us to have food to serve for meals. Yes she has her freedom of expression but perhaps she should be more responsible in posting such comments, I could remember Jackie Bermejo the time when storm Ondoy hit the country. She was also hit by hate comments after posting on her Facebook wall how she hates Philippines. But it turns out, her FB profile was hacked.

Anyway, here's Ms.Villanueava's comment and a screenshot of the latest responses to her comment.
La maxado gwapo sa Cotabato.. karamihan mga mukhang magsasaka.. hahaha bato bato sa langit..

You can also check here. Like me right now, I'm actually running out of words to say. I might do a follow-up post to this if I'll have some time again.