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Here's interesting news for comic fans.

According to Yahoo! Asia, a comic fair was held Hong Kong and turns out Hug-a-p0rn-star. The event actually draws a lot of audience but when former Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa, it has draws more attention and audience. Resulted to adding more securities enabled to maintain order as Ozawa offered hugs to the first 40 people to enter the five-day fair.

Maria Ozawa

I'm actually in the middle of liking it or laughing over it. As a man, of course I would love to join this. But as a married man, my wife would have killed me to join this contest, so I would just laugh over it.

"We are expecting a record-number crowd this year -- higher than ever before," a spokeswoman told AFP as the event opened Friday. Last year's event drew a staggering 680,000 people.

"Youngsters were queuing up outside nine days ago -- they had their sleeping bags, foldable chairs and everything... We have some hardcore supporters," she added.
"The limited edition items are very hard to purchase. Basically, I won't get them if I didn't come so early," 13-year-old Jesse Yun told AFP, adding that he had been standing in line for 12 hours through the night.