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Rose McGowan known for her role as Paige Matthews in The WB Television Network supernatural drama series Charmed, claims that she's a runaway when  she was 13 and soon found herself being taken in by a group of men who liked to dress up as women.

According to Rose McGowan,

"At 13, when I was a runaway, I was taken in by the most amazing drag queens in Portland, Oregon. We didn't always know where our next meal was coming from, but there was so much camaraderie and love.
Rose McGowan

"Not to mention, those girls could paint a face, and I learned how because of them."
Rose - whose sister is a lesbian - says while she is straight, she regrets not having experiences with other women when she was growing up.

McGowan who's 38-year-old now told The Advocate:

"I disappoint myself. I've never even kissed a girl. Isn't that funny? The girls I think are cute look like guys, but then I think, 'But if they open their shirt, they'll have breasts.'

"You know that guy Brad Goreski, who was Rachel Zoe's assistant? I'd be attracted to a girl version of him."
Now Rose - who is currently single but has previously dated rocker Marilyn Manson and director Robert Rodriguez - wants to put that right by doing a lesbian love scene.
She said: "I'd be stoked to do a lesbian love scene. When asked if I've kissed a girl, I could finally say, 'Why, yes, I have. And I got paid.
"To this day, I only go to gay clubs. I'm perfectly at home there. I also like watching hot boys and hot girls who can dance."