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I'm not a Wordpress expert myselft but I often asks by friends to do some stuff with it. Recently, I tried debugging some error we encountered with my friends blog using Wordpress. 

Normally, in some CMS or some other web project there's an option to turn on the debug mode for us developers to know what are those error we don't easily see by walking through the lines of codes.

Now, I tried enabling Wordpress' debug mode by adding define('WP_DEBUG',true); at wp_config.php file at the root directory of Wordpress and noticed the following errors:

Notice: get_settings is deprecated since version 0.0! Use get_option() instead. in F:\AppServ\www\projs\wp\wp-includes\functions.php on line 2918.

Well, it won't actually make a huge problem with your Wordpress site using the version 2.8.4 but for compatiblity concern this must be change from its core since 2.8.5 has arrived with security issues addressed already. I believe 2.9 will be coming soon too hope this has been addressed too.


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