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I have been studying for a month now how to create a Blogger layout but unfortunately I only spend a day then back again after a few weeks or more because of my daytime job. In short, I just did it during my leisure time.

Anyway, here's the screenshot of my amateur conversion of Wordpress theme to Blogger layout which you can visit at Bloggers Templating. During the peak of my conversion, I decided to check some of my resources for Blogger template tutorial and noticed that FalconHive already converted the theme I'm working on. Too bad for me I was late in publishing it earlier. Well, I can't do anything about it now so I decided to continue what I've started last month and post it here instead.

I also checked FalconHive's work, it was awesome, great actually. I didn't even bother to put Tweetmeme plugin in my version because this is just my exploration with Blogger. What makes my version different? Very obvious is the color, I used the magenta/pink version the Masunurin theme of Masunurin Pink of Paddsolutions. And the most is, when you add gadgets in the sidebar, it will have the same styling with the original design.

Last month, I was really having problem creating this because the posts and other contents are not displaying as expected that was also one of the reasons I ended up to nothing. But with the help of the blank template by Kendhin , it works brilliantly. Then, I was able to play around with it a little bit more.

 Here's my version's screenshot.

Here's from FalconHive version of Masunurin Theme

For those interested to download my Masunurin Blogger Theme version just leave a comment. I would also like to acknowledge FalconHive because it has been my resources for learning the Blogger theming.


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