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Just blogging my debugging experience  in Wordpress.

First problem encountered : Timthumb.php by Darrent Hoyt not displaying the resized images.

Solution: First thing to do is to check the file permissions properties of the temp/cache folder where your timthumb.php stores its temporary files is set to 777. This is also part of the timthumb instructions so don't hesitate to visit their site. If this doesn't solved your problem, you can also try contacting your host because I noticed it will give an Error 403 or 500 which is particularly in security issues. By searching the Wordpress forum I found a solution at this thread . It was suggested to use relative path of the images. Solution is straightforward, you just have to omit from the path of images your url address and leaving only "/wp-content/uploads/bigs.jpg&w=232&h=158&zc=1". I immediately tried copying the URL of the image and paste it to the address bar of my browser, removed the address of the site with the following sample.



Second Problem : Conflict between Jquery's plugin Jcarousel and WP plugin CformsII

After the first problem was solved, I noticed another problem from the Jcarousel. Both navigation buttons of the carousel was not displayed eventhough the its background was already loaded. I suspected some javascript or css files are doing it.

What I did was, I copied the source in plain HTML and save it to my local disk. Initially, I removed some css and javascripts pre-loaded by some WP plugins. The last plugins' javascript and css I removed was from Cforms II, upon refreshing the page the navigation buttons of Jcarousel magically appeared again. Until now I'm still looking for solutions to make the Jcarousel gallery and CformsII work together. If anyone have some solutions to this issue please leave your comment.


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