9:02 PM

Yesterday until this posting I'm still having trouble using my Blogger post editor.

For non-Blogger user, Blogger has added a new features to its services and one of them is the latest post editor with a lot of new features.

Here are my favorite features of the latest Blogger post editor.

  • Image handling - When you upload an image to the new post editor it will appear as a thumbnail in the image dialog box. That way, you can upload several images at once, and then add them into your post at your convenience. The thumbnails will be available until you close the post editor.
  • Post preview - Post preview is now in pop-up window.
  • Add/edit/visit/remove Link - Easily add, edit or remove link from your post. Visiting your added link in just a click within your post.
Actually there's a lot more but in general I'm not happy using my blogger now. I'm currently using the old version of post editor (at least it gave me a chance to post). I hope this will be fix soon. Does anyone have encountered the same?


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