4:46 AM

Yesterday, I was surprised to read from Technorati that White House's website will be shifted to popular CMS Drupal which happen to be my favorite when I lost my appetite with Joomla!'s categorization.

Also yesterday, I posted my first experience in converting WP theme to Blogger layout which I worked out last month but got pissed off with the posts display problem. Today, I'm happy to post that my conversion with WP theme Masunurin to Drupal theme is another milestone to me.

For those interested in creating Drupal themes, I suggests reading this tutorial How to Make a Drupal Theme which was my source in converting the Paddsolutions' Masunurin WP theme. Also, you can visit Drupal's Theme guide for more comprehensive documentation.

Tomorrow, I will finalize packaging the said theme for Drupal community to give it a try. I will also capture screenshots and setup its demo site.


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