12:31 AM

I remember posting about subject Yahoo Mail - Subject-O-Matique last February 2010. It was clearly un-explored featured of Yahoo or simply Easter egg :), today I decided to post 50 random subjects generated by Yahoo mail subject-o-matique.

Let me quote by the way one of the visitor who read my post.
ya know what's funny? i was convinced that someone had hacked my yahoo account when these rather hilarious subject lines started popping up...for some reason...glad i found this post to assuage my paranoia :)
  1. bramble bushes and holy rushes
  2. Shortcut for next week's marathon
  3. Smells like a wet dog.
  4. ated your pants
  5. the itch and the roar of the pubescent
  6. I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings
  7. Pressing business at the dry cleaners
  8. We sell solutions, not software
  9. Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadu
  10. i've arranged a list of exciting things we can do for the next thirty years
  11. Todd! Are you not aware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte!?
  12. this body is slowing and my mind is reverse growing
  13. render the schmaltz
  14. I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
  15. Allow myself to introduce...myself
  16. Please do not request no spicy hot
  17. Cheaper to fly to Old Zealand than New Zealand
  18. Everything today is about the entire enterprise! Front and back lines - inside and out.
  19. rocking roll dudes on motorbikes
  20. I like pie.
  21. quote from DOG SOLDIERS, the best werewolf movie ever
  22. Beef Brisket Bingo
  23. puking rainbows
  24. Impressive rutabaga!
  25. Busted, cold dusted, hot dog, with mustard.
  26. What we have here is a failure to communicate
  27. we never once talked about a blow dryer
  28. Lo Han Double Sword!
  29. Bailout Rescue Plan
  30. I believe those were mouse droppings
  31. Don't tempt me to unleash the one-legged space chickens!
  32. Help watering the plastic flowers
  33. Seeking a contextually relevant trap page
  34. LipSmack heartAttack girlie girl in a pink sleep sack
  35. open air hubhub or underwater sub snub?
  36. What if you did not have nail fungus?
  37. Great mind thinks alike.
  38. Taste and Decency
  39. Cinco de Mayonnaise
  40. Pandora didn't think outside the box
  41. bernard cribbins for president of the universe
  42. Get your tongue out of my mouth, cuz I'm kissing you goodbye!
  43. Revoking your creative license
  45. I know kung fu!
  46. Workin' like a one-armed paper-hanger with an itch...
  47. Sorry that meeting sucked so bad
  48. I am not edible.
  49. the art of driving a giant, nuclear powered duck
  50. Sorry I missed you. Stand still next time

Don't hesitate to add what Yahoo mail subject-o-matique generated for you.