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Tila Tequila, attacked in Gathering of the Juggalos concert in Illinois. The Gathering of the Juggalos is an annual event put on by Psychopathic Records that features well-known musical groups and underground artists such as Insane Clown Posse, Twizted, and Kottonmouth Kings. Tequila was about to take the stage when the crowd started to throw rocks, beer bottles, and firecrackers.

Source: TMZ.com
I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, DUDES were throwing HUGE STONE ROCKS in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage, and they even took the sh*t out of the port-0-potty and threw sh*t and piss at me when I was onstage.
These people were trying to kill me. So then after the last blow to my head with the firecracker they threw at me exploded, my bodygaurd and the other security grabbed me and ran as fast as they could to the sh*tty trailor. Since their security SUCKS, the 2 thousand people ran after us, trying to kill me. They almost got me so they finally reach the trailor, blood all over myself, cant stop bleeding, then all of a sudden, all 2 thousand people surround the trailor and busts the windows!!! Even the guys INSIDE with me were shaking! Their hands were shaking cuz they were so scared! So 3 guys inside the trailor had to grab a table and push it over the broken windows and grabbed all the chairs they could find so hold the people from outside back. It was scary as hell!

Tila Tequila's Early life and education [Source Wikipedia]

While in middle school, Nguyen became a tomboy and was eventually sent to a boarding school for six months for her combative behavior before transferring to another school.[9] While in high school, she used her sister's identification card to enter nightclubs, where she began taking drugs[9] and joined a gang. In her memoir, she would later explain that she felt "confused" and "lost" from various personal family and environmental issues and remained a virgin until 15. She turned to writing poems in an attempt to release powerful emotions, and friends outside the gang briefly helped turn her life around. However, her past caught up with her, and she fled to Queens, New York at the age of 16.[8] While still 16, she experienced a drive-by shooting in Houston. She reports having become pregnant and suffering a miscarriage the following year. Continue reading here.