7:52 PM

Justin Bieber undeniably admit that he have an acne. The teen sensation says :"I'm definitely someone who suffers from acne. I'm a teenage boy!,"

Well, he's definitely promoting Proactiv. According to the company did not solicit his endorsement and in fact Bieber's representatives first contacted them.

Justin Bieber also says at Proactiv website, "My parents got acne when they were growing up. And I'm determined to keep myself clear. If I got a face full of breakouts, I would definitely feel really self-conscious and not wanna do photo shoots, not wanna be singing. With Proactiv I don't have to worry."

Justin does not only wanted to promote the Proactiv product but also promote the company's social advocacy Pencils of Promise, " PoP is an international movement that increases educational opportunities and empowers a new generation of passionate young leaders to create profound good. "

With Justin Bieber's popularity, even though he'll have a lot of acne as long as he support movement like this, he will still be love by his fans.