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 Jodie Fisher and Mark Hurd has been into not so good issue since last week. Mark Hurd resigned last week August 6 for allegedly "after an internal investigation uncovered expense-account irregularities" [quoted from Wikipedia] but according to NYDailyNews, it was sex harassment allegations by Jodie Fisher forced the resignation of Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd and in fact says she's sorry he lost his job.

Jodie Fisher,50, popular with her rated R movies and work with HP's marketing department from 2007 to 2009 earning up to $5,000 per event to organize HP functions and then greet and introduce executives.

Fisher, says "I was surprised and saddened that Mark Hurd lost his job over this," Fisher said in a statement. "That was never my intention."

Here's some information about Mark Hurd from Wikipedia.

Hurd spent 25 years at NCR Corporation, culminating in a two-year tenure as chief executive officer and president. His leadership was marked by successful efforts to improve operating efficiency, bolster the product line and build strong leadership. In the fiscal year of 2004, NCR generated revenue of $6.0 billion, up 7 percent from a year earlier, and net income rose nearly five-fold to $290 million.

Hurd was named president of NCR in 2001 and was given additional responsibilities as chief operating officer in 2002. Hurd began working for NCR as a junior salesman in San Antonio in 1980, and subsequently held a variety of positions in general management, operations, and sales and marketing. He also served as head of the company's Teradata data-warehousing division for three years.
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